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Have you suffered a foot injury? Do you have knee or hip issues that make walking a little difficult? If you are having balance or stability issues while walking, a cane may be a great way to help you stay active.

St. Petersburg Canes canes c1 300x200Canes are a great mobility aid because they are easy to use, adjustable, and at St. Petersburg Mobility Scooters they are affordable.

Canes are easy to bring along with you in a car or golf cart, and easy to store.

This is escpecially convenient if you only need help after a long day of walking or with when pain flares up. You can keep a cane with you, and use it only when you need.

Our St. Petersburg canes supplier has a wide variety of canes, rollators, knee walkers and other mobility assistance equipment. We will help you choose the perfect aid for your unique needs.

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Canes, Knee Walkers or Rollators?

Depending on your specific mobility issues and your lifestyle, St. Petersburg Mobility Scooters offers a variety of mobility aids to keep you on on the go.

St. Petersburg Canes canes c2 300x200Canes

Probably most basic and familiar mobility aid available is a cane. While walking sticks have been around since people have been walking upright, the latest canes have advantages that make them even more helpful and easy to use than ever before.

The latest canes are made with strong but lightweight aluminum, which means they are not a burden to carry around. They are height-adjustable and have a variety of handle shapes and padding options to make using a cane comfortable.

They also have a variety of footing options to aid in stability. Some canes can each stand upright on their own so they never clatter to the floor forcing you to get down on your knees to pick it back up.

Knee Walkers

Knee walkers are a great option for people who are recovering from an injury or surgery. They are far less awkward, clumsy and painful than trying to use crutches. A knee walker from St. Petersburg Mobility Scooters comes with an adjustable leg pad and hand brakes that are adjustable to your height for comfort and safety. Our knee walkers are also easily foldable so they are easy to transport.


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Rollators are similar to traditional walkers but with wheels. They come with swivel casters on the front wheels for maneuverability and brakes on the handles for safety. They are easy to fold and transport.

Our St. Petersburg canes, knee walkers and rollators professionals can help you pick the best option to best serve your needs depending on your specific challenges and the activities you want to persue.

Don’t get stuck at home. Contact St. Petersburg Mobility Scooters today for your affordable mobility solutions.

Trusted Mobility Solutions Company in St. Petersburg, FL

St. Petersburg Mobility Scooters is the top St. Petersburg, FL mobility company with a vast array of canes, knee walkers, rollators, scooters, wheelchairs, lifts and ramps to choose from. Our outstanding service professionals can help you choose the perfect mobility option for your lifestyle, whether you plan to buy or rent equipment.

We work with trusted US manufacturers such as EZ-Access, Pride Mobility, Golden, and others, to make sure you get only the best mobility equipment at the best prices.

We also have an experienced service department that will install, repair or perform maintenance on any of your mobility equipment.

In addition to canes, knee walkers and rollators, we offer the following products for rent or sale:

  • mobility scooters
  • vertical platform lifts
  • wheelchairs
  • lift chairs
  • hospital beds
  • mobility scooter lifts
  • power chairs
  • stairlifts
  • vehicle transport lifts
  • accessibility ramps

To learn all about our mobility products and services, just give us a call. We’re ready to listen to your questions and concerns and make the most helpful recommendations.

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Set yourself free. Don’t let an injury or mobility issue keep your from your active lifestyle. No matter what your budget or mobility issue, St. Petersburg Mobility Scooters offers a solution that will get you back on the go as soon as possible.

With St. Petersburg Mobility Scooters as your mobility solutions partner, you will get only top quality mobility equipment, friendly customer service and expert service at affordable prices. Let us help you get back on the go!

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