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Kenneth City Vehicle Lifts

Elderly people, obese people, people with disabilities, people with cerebral palsy—people that need mobility support are a significant part of our population. They require special care aided by special tools and equipment. One of these special products is the vehicle lift. It is a very personal product that must fit the exact needs of the person using it or the family that takes care of the person.

Kenneth City Vehicle Lifts lift chairs seg 300x150St. Petersburg Mobility Scooters aims to make things much better and more convenient for people with mobility issues. With products like power chairs, wheelchairs, pool lifts, stair lifts, walkers, and the like, we dedicate our cause to helping mobility-challenged people get a better chance at a great life.

With top-notch products coupled with compassionate and excellent services, we have been helping hundreds of people in the past, from individual customers who need a vehicle lift for their grandparents to advocacy institutions that need to provide several power wheelchairs for the people they serve.

For everything you might need from the mobility support industry, St. Petersburg Mobility Scooters is here for you. We offer the best Kenneth City, FL vehicle lifts you can get in the market. We also have other products like wheelchairs and pool lifts for the whole package. Just give us a call, and we’ll help you invest in the best that the industry offers.

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First-Rate Mobility Scooter Lift Supplier

People challenged with mobility typically depend on their loved ones for daily living. This includes moving around the house, outdoors, and even inside the car.

Kenneth City Vehicle Lifts AdobeStock 299936274 liftchairs 300x200Carrying our vulnerable kin around is something we do out of love and compassion. But it doesn’t mean that the task is not exhausting and difficult. If there is a way to make things much easier not just for those who take care of them but also for those who are taken care of, is it not only important to grab this opportunity?

Aside from power chairs, stair lifts, walkers, and other mobility support paraphernalia, we also recommend to our clients that they consider Kenneth City vehicle lifts. This device allows a mobility-challenged person to transfer from his wheelchair to a vehicle seat with perfect ease. It works by carrying the person on a comfortable sling and lowering him in place. If swivel seats or transfer plates are too uncomfortable or impractical for your situation, this product will be perfect for you.

Top-Quality Kenneth City Vehicle Lifts

Our Milford Person Lift is one of our best Kenneth City vehicle lifts. It is light and versatile, yet it is highly durable and tough. It can come in many variations of slings and sizes, giving your vulnerable person maximum comfort whenever he transfers to a vehicle.

Perhaps the best thing that this product can provide is its versatility when it comes to vehicle compatibility. You won’t need to do much if you want changes in positioning. This lift can fit the driver’s seat or front passenger seat. You won’t even need to consider what kind of vehicle you drive. Just sit back and relax. We can install this equipment on almost any automobile in the market!

Overall, this lift can make things much easier, more comfortable, and less hassle for everyone in the family. After letting us deliver and install your vehicle lift, you can already use them and enjoy your trips with the entire gang!

Here are other amazing features of our Milford Person Lift:

  • Compatible with almost any vehicle brand and type
  • It has a 330-pound weight capacity
  • Can be easily transferred to another vehicle
  • It can be used by families with multiple vehicles
  • It has five sling options with sizes ranging from extra small to extra large
  • Provides hassle-free lifting; convenient for both the patient and caregiver
  • It can be used in the house with The Smartbase or Wall Bracket
  • It has a simple two-button operation that begins the fast-lifting process
  • It has an emergency switch for added safety
  • Full 3-Year Warranty

Aside from our vehicle lifts for sale, we also offer a complete variety of industry-grade mobility support products, from simple walkers and wheelchairs to heavy-duty scooters, power chairs, stair lifts, pool lifts, and so much more! Just give us a call and tell us what you need. Rest assured that any product you purchase from us is top-notch in quality, pricing, and durability.

Full-Service Mobility Solutions Company

We are proud to say that on top of our state-of-the-art Kenneth City vehicle lifts, power chairs, stair lifts, walkers, and other mobility support products, we also offer high-quality services that bring these products from our warehouse to your house or business area.

Kenneth City Vehicle Lifts AdobeStock 518564733 Powerchair rental 300x225These products—vehicle lifts, pool lifts, chair lifts, and the like—might need some construction work before they can be usable. Some variations can be easily used immediately upon purchase. But more heavy-duty units need a little bolting and securing. For these products, you can rely on St. Petersburg Mobility Scooters to do the entire job, from delivery to installation.

Our team is composed of Mobility-Plus certified installation technicians that can definitely deliver an efficient and flawless installation of any type of mobility equipment, no matter how heavy-duty or complicated they may be.

Get Your Free Consultation on Vehicle Lifts

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As a leading product and service provider of mobility support, St. Petersburg Mobility Scooters’s team of mobility experts understand how difficult it is to pick the best products for people in need. Of course, these products are not just aesthetic value or leisure items. They can heavily affect the quality of life of those who use them. These products can be a therapeutic difference for those challenged in mobility.

If you need advice, recommendations, information, or answers to your inquiries, St. Petersburg Mobility Scooters’s experts are always here to help you. We aim not only to provide industry-grade products and stellar technical services but also excellent customer service. We want to make things completely easier for you. So whether you purchase our Kenneth City vehicle lifts or other mobility products, you are always welcome to seek our best recommendations during our free consultation sessions!

Call St. Petersburg Mobility Scooters today at (727) 238-7909 for your Free Consultation with a Kenneth City Vehicle Lift supplier!